Marketing strategy, EDM and communications strategy, branding, website design & optimisation, SEM incl. social media, google adwords, SEO, graphic design, retail, photoshoots & much more...

Prices start at £35 / €40 per hour.



Underpinning every successful business is a well developed strategy including consumer profiles, marketing plan, promotions and set targets. My first task is to understand who my clients are trying to target and to ensure that everything is aligned to this; product or service, price and promotions. We can then work together to ensure a successful strategy that will appeal to these markets.

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Creating a holistic branding story is one of the favourite parts of my job and I am able to provide this service thanks to years of gathering specialised experience. I enjoy ensuring that all consumer touch points create and tell the brand story to ensure customer loyalty and retention.

From managing photoshoots and video content to creating an experience in store based on visual merchandising theory, to creating brochures and mail-outs, I create everything to seamlessly pull this together. 

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A solid understanding of the importance of SEM & SEO and how to use them to your benefit is the foundation of any successful website. I have seen many websites fail simply because the entire focus has been only on the front end and the back end has been ignored. In some ways this is just, if not more, important. If google can't find you, your customers won't either. To support the growth of your website against your competitors it is also essential to think about SEO in conjunction with your SEM and offline marketing strategy.

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With a focus on the need for a seamless customer journey, I can provide either project management of a web site build or am able to create websites myself. From the choice of fonts, colours, to the placement of easy to find "click throughs" which will help your customers find the information they require quickly and ensure conversions. 

Once your new website has been created, I can hand the reigns over to you to manage and control for complete autonomy.  

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Starting out many years ago working for Olsen UK, just as the internet was becoming an important part of a brand's communication strategy, I was integral at setting out and implementing the online communication strategy which included selling and fulfilling through EDM campaigns as we didn't have an online store. Since technology has evolved, I now look how to optimise online communication with segmentation to ensure relevance, engagement, retention and turnover. 

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Creating new and exciting artwork has always been a passion of mine throughout my career. Having access to the full range of Adobe Suite (photoshop, inDesign, illustrator plus adobe stock images) I can create or work on a range of files to enhance your marketing communications. I am also able to develop logos, business cards and letterheads to support your business development.

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